New Year, New Design, New Stuff to Do!

For the two people who know about this blog and may have been reading it — hi Aunt Patty and Brian! — you may notice that I’ve gotten a new design.

It’s from a template called Read, which is available for $40 from the developers at Pixelwars. I like it because it’s clean and “responsive,” meaning (in part) that it causes photos and text to resize themselves (automatically!) for smartphones and tablets.

This new design is part of a short list of New Year’s resolutions.

I know, I know: It’s Feb. 1, not Jan. 1.

But in January, we were dealing with a sleep regression where our baby was waking up a lot at night. Now that he’s back to snoozing, I figured I’d make a very small to-do list for 2015. It’s short, with the hope that it will be manageable.

1. Blog more

After a hiatus of about nine months, which mysteriously coincides with the amount of time we’ve had a kid, I’m aiming to post twice a month.

That probably sounds like nothing, but I don’t have much time to spare right now between my job and other obligations. I want to make sure I don’t overwork myself. When I do, I turn into what my husband, Zak, calls a Mega-Crank.

2. Clean out a part of my closet

Not the whole thing. Just a part. I don’t have a huge closet, but like a lot of people, I have a few items hanging around that I no longer wear for one reason or another (too gaudy, too small, too loose, too revealing, etc.).

My goal is to sell 10 items via various consignment methods before purchasing anything new. Wish me luck!

3. See my friends

Ah, how lame that sounds.

But I need to say it to make it happen. Left to my own devices, I would just hole up at home in my room and read. Alone. By myself.

When I was pregnant, in the Life Before Max (our baby!), I swore that I would not become one of those awful people who stopped hanging out with their friends after they had a kid. I didn’t understand why that happened so often.

Then, I had a baby who screamed nonstop for the first five months of his life — like, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. whenever he was awake — and I gave up on having a social life.

I’m glad I devoted the time I did to Max. I like to tell myself that he sensed my presence and that it gave him comfort, even if he was miserable the whole time and couldn’t see me. (He used to scrunch his face up so tight while he was crying that his forehead would get huge wrinkles and his eyes would be completely shut. We called this the Klingon face, and we would instruct him to turn the “Kling off,” which never seemed to work.)

I am still recovering from those Early Days — I’m still tired a lot. But Max is super-amazing now and I figure that this is a good time to get back into things I used to do. Like seeing my friends.

Coffee, lunch, dinner, just hanging out and talking… I miss these things. I hope to see more of Jackie, Cory, Alex, Elena and others, and to talk more to people like Brian and Sushmita on the phone.

In the name of quantifying goals, I’m hoping to make plans that don’t involve Max (sorry, mini fella!) at least once a month. I love the little guy, and he’s always on my mind, but I realized recently that I don’t want to forget about me.

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  1. Mary Cochrane

    Such a darling photo of you with Max. I’m so happy to hear he’s not waking and fussing/crying so much. (We went through that with our first son, Sam, for a year.) Enjoy the quieter time with you child.


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