Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m a writer and former journalist in Buffalo, N.Y. I came here in 2009 by way of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many other places. I moved here because I was following a boy. To my surprise, I fell in love not only with him, but with the Rust Belt, too.

Now, I’m 30, married and a working mom.

During the day, I’m a media relations rep at the University at Buffalo, where I write about science and architecture. At night and on the weekends, I’m a wife, and a mother to a crazy, wonderful nine-month-old kid.

I’m very busy but also very happy.

The first few months of my son’s life were very difficult — both for me and for him — and I’m just starting to find time to do things for myself again. I hope to make this blog a place where I share my thoughts on books, parenting and whatever else is on my mind.

A little more about me:

I like maps, whiskey, languages, the desert, Star Trek, snow, and the San Francisco 49ers. My favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Milan Kundera, Italo Calvino and Thomas Pynchon. My favorite book is “Against the Day.”

Though I make a living using words, I believe math is the language that best describes the world around us. My dad is a physicist who makes radiation detectors, and perhaps because of his influence, I have loved science ever since I was small.

I believe that two of our greatest imperatives today as a species are to preserve the Earth and explore the galaxies. I can’t do much about the second, but I’ll be working on the first in posts that share ideas for staying green.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and I’d love to hear from you, too. You can leave a comment, or send me your thoughts privately by email.

— Feb. 1, 2015

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