Every Time I Cough, I Pee a Little

So the title of this blog post isn’t totally accurate.

It would be more correct to say that every time I cough while standing up, I pee a little.

It must have something to do with giving birth. I first noticed it happening back in June, when I would take long walks all over Buffalo to keep my baby sleeping in the stroller.

I was having seasonal allergies at the time, so there I would be, sneezing while strolling, and peeing a little on myself each time.

I need a diaper, I remember thinking.

Like many other things (for example, my breasts leaking milk when our cat meows), no one really warned me about urinary incontinence when I was pregnant. So I figured I’d talk about it here.

I’m not embarrassed by it, really. In my past, pre-baby life, I probably would have been. But going through labor — barfing up cherry popsicles while a midwife barked at my husband and his mom to hold my legs open while I pushed — has a way of reducing a person’s modesty.

They say that Kegel exercises can help with regaining bladder control. Since you can perform these anywhere without anyone knowing, I did my fair share while brushing my teeth, waiting for the bus, washing my hands, etc.

I’m doing them now! While typing! Just because I realized I could.

It’s impossible to tell whether the Kegels have helped or not. It might just be that more time has passed since I gave birth (about eight months), but I’m happy to report that the Situation has improved.

As the title of this post indicates, I still do pee a little when I cough (while standing up). But it’s just a tiny trickle, and it seems easier to control now than it did in the days of yore.

I’m hoping that this time next year, the problem will be gone. Wish me luck. And Happy 2015!

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  1. Patty McClain

    Happy to see that you are posting again in the new year! And glad your Situation is improving. I must admit that when I first read the title of this entry in my email, I thought it was spam directed at older women like myself!


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