The $980 Cut

In fall of 2010, I got a statement showing $980 in charges for a doctor’s visit that lasted maybe 20 minutes. What? I thought. I read over the list of services rendered: $335 for “physician” $360 for “surgery” $150 for “physician” (again) $45 for “immunizations” $50 for “immunizations” $40 for “laboratory” Grand total: $980. It… Continue reading

Parking Office Confirms: New York Camry Did Not Spontaneously Materialize in Vegas to Receive Gargantuan Parking Ticket

Sometimes, crazy stories can have sane conclusions. Yesterday afternoon, just for the hell of it, I called the Las Vegas parking people again to ask if they could dismiss a gigantic ticket I received for parking illegally in the city with a car that was three time zones away. The day before, when I had… Continue reading